Creating Christmas Gifts

African Lion Cub with Dreamcatcher

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A couple of years ago I wanted to do some creative work and turn them into Christmas gifts for friends. One of my friends LOVES lions, and as a matter of fact he raised a fully intact male African lion in his backyard (no, I’m not bullshitting). He went on to volunteer and serve on boards of large cat rescues and such. A very cool guy and a wonderful friend, indeed.

So, I wanted to do something lion-y for him (of course), but something he couldn’t find anywhere else. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of money, so I settled on doing a design and putting it on a mug (yeah, so original, right? But hey, at least he’d probably use it!).

I did one with a full-grown male lion, also, but didn’t put it on a product. Maybe I’ll do that at some point.

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